Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vegan Quesadilla

As promised, pics of my dish bean dip turned into a quesadilla. Today I munched on some blanched kale and brown rice with it. This was a much needed, well balanced lunch.

On a sad note, my little man Rufus has passed on. you may remember when I got him.

He had to be rushed to the emergency vet last night. Needless to say I got little sleep and am upset about his passing. It's times like this that I need to remember to nourish my body with tasty healthy food.



Catherine said...

Aw . . . little fluffy guy! I'm sorry to hear that, Teddy.

veggievixen said...

so cute!

flower said...

AWWW Rufus was cute cute cute Im sorry to hear to hear he has passed on, hugs

flower said...

Aww Rufus was 100% cute