Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bean Dips

Here in America the SuperBowl time is upon us. I've been making a few new bean dips and I've discovered my favorite way to eat them: pan fried in a corn tortilla. It tastes very similar to a quesadilla.

Example of what I mean:
Cilantro garlic hummus inside a pan fried corn tortilla with some cucumber chips and guacamole on the side... YUM

I made a white bean dip today with roasted garlic and onion. I haven't gotten a chance for pictures but I'll takes some and post soon. Visuals always sell a dish for me ;)

Do you have any "junk food" SuperBowl dishes you're going to make?

I'll probably make these quesadillas and something with sweet potato, maybe LOADED sweet potatoes.



Cara said...

sounds AMAZING.

veggievixen said...

i'm guessing that most anything would taste good inside a pan-fried corn tortilla.

i loooooove white bean dip though.

what about pureed cauliflower & some kind of greenish leafy thing? just a thought.