Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Vermicelli Bowl

There's a rumor going around town that Austin's China town complex is shutting down soon. I made a trip there this weekend and stocked up on some non-perishable item including NOODLES- lots and lots of noodles. Corn, rice, buckwheat, you name the variety of noodle and I most likely bought it.

These vermicelli rice noodles are paired with a shitake/shoyu broth, napa cabbage and silken tofu. You have to be careful with vermicelli noodles because it's really easy to over cook them and you're left with a jelly-like ball of mush.

To prevent this I add my noodles towards the end of the cooking time and turn of the heat. The residual heat from the broth is enough to soften them up without over cooking them.


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