Friday, March 06, 2009

Mapo Tofu

I know the pre-packaged pouch of stuff I get that is labeled House brand Mapo-tofu sauce probably does NOT compare to an actual good version of this meal.... but it works for me until I learn better! haha

Mapo Tofu is a Chinese dish that is usually made with pork and silken tofu. I simply leave the pork out for a veggie/vegan version. This picture doesn't capture the red-ness of the sauce because it's being sopped up by the rice.

Here is some info on the traditional form of this dish with pictures: Mapo Tofu
I've been able to pick up a mapo sauce packets at pretty much any "ethnic" grocery store. If you have a China town or little Saigon near you, I guarantee they have it.

Has anyone else made this? I've never made it from scratch but would love to hear any recipes you have.


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veggievixen said...

never heard of this particular dish but it sounds really yummy! plus i love any excuse to visit an internationally-themed food market.