Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Turtle Mountain- Vegan Ice Cream

Turtle Mountain sent me a BUNCH of product to try. I'll admit, I haven't gotten through even half of it yet but it's not for lack of effort ;)

When the box arrived at my work I announced a mini ice cream party in the kitchen but by the end of the day I was walking around and handing ice cream bars to everyone in my department.

I must say, it was fantastic to be popular for a day.

Honestly, I was curious what regular omnivores would think of this "crazy" vegan ice cream.
Nope, I didn't tell them it was vegan (I didn't lie either). All I said was this is ice cream made with coconut milk. That didn't freak them out too much.
Everyone liked the bars but all said they could taste the coconut flavor, which wasn't a bad thing.
The woman who sits next to me mentioned her husband was lactose intolerant but made himself sick with ice cream all the time because he missed it. *hint hint* I told her he could eat this and not get sick.
Now they have a new treat in their house and only 2 complaints
1) It's a little pricey for a pint of ice cream (around 5 bucks)
2) Her son eats the vegan ice cream that's for his father instead of eating his regular stuff. haha

Anywho, this is my favorite flavor so far. I was tempted to save it for last because I knew I'd love it.

This is a close second favorite. Note that you can't really taste much coconut in either of these flavors.

Mint chip is my coworkers family favorite so far.

And these seem to be everyone's favorite bar. I ran out of them at the office on the first day during my mini ice cream party :)
I already was a fan of using coconut milk in vegan ice cream because of the texture it provides but the variety of flavors in this line is fantastic. Be prepared for a coconut-y flavor in most of them as well as a higher price tag.
The chocolate peanut butter swirl is DEFINITELY worth it though.


Apasara said...

Great Review! Yummy alternative to ice cream... And I love coconut...a little too much. Love your blog!

veggievixen said...

mmm i love that brand of ice cream. the coconut milk makes it so tasty.

flower said...

mmmmm yummy

Cafe Cyan said...

Teddy - lucky you! I haven't tried the coconut milk ones yet, but I really should. Great info!

Sylvie, Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener said...

I am sure they are tasty. Love coconut myself, but if there is no eggs nor dairy, is it ice-cream? while not call it sorbet - which it seems to be?