Monday, January 26, 2009

Grain Burger

At the end of the week I always have a little left over grain or beans or old veg in my fridge. My favorite trick for using this stuff up is burgers. If you have a food processor this is really easy to do. Throw in your leftover grain, beans or veg and vroom it for a few pulses and then you have your burger base. Form the mix into patties and coat them with flour. You can bake or fry them. This weeks mix included:

Leftover barley
garlic (it's STRONG so if you can roast it, I suggest doing that)
celery (with leaves)

My patties are coated in blue corn flour and fried
I topped it off with some avocado and sea veg. Perfect quick meal!

Do you ever transform your leftovers into something new?


1 comment:

flower said...

All I ever do with left overs is reheat them :(