Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cherry Rose Water Muffins

No those are not giant cherries, they're mini muffins. My favorite part of these muffins is how the dried fruit re-hydrates while they're baking. When you take a bite there's a pleasant plump cherry surprise inside. I've been focusing on measuring and taking notes so I can post complete recipes on here more often. With that said, I left the recipe at home haha
I'll be back tonight to post it but not before LOST! If you're a fan be sure to watch tonight. I'll be at a LOST pizza party until late. I'm excited for it!
See you tonight with the recipe for these mini muffin delights


Cafe Cyan said...

They do look like giant cherries - hahah! Nice trick.

veggievixen said...

beautiful! the combo sounds amazing. i love using dried cherries in baked goods.