Friday, December 05, 2008

Fried Tempeh and Greens

It’s an epic battle: Tempeh vs Setien. Each have their own uses, their own pluses and minuses but everyone must have a favorite. Can you guess mine?
Yep. I prefer tempeh most of time. It’s just SO good!
Today’s lunch is fried tempeh drizzled with shoyu on top of sautéed mustard greens and sweet red onions on a bed of brown rice/barley. It’s not lunch time for me yet but I love it when I have a good lunch to look forward to. What a nice way to start my busy weekend.

Tonight Will Tuttle (the author of The World Peace Diet) is speaking at my school
Tomorrow is my holiday party for work and school AND a band I like is playing
Sunday there is a vegan potluck that I may be attending.

And I was all excited for my relaxing weekend. I’m too much of a “yes” person. Anyone asks to hang out and I automatically say yes and before I know it I’ve got about 390584908 things to do. This is both a blessing and a curse…
I should mention, if I end up going to that potluck I will be posting step by step instructions for making those dumplings from a few weeks back.



Jenna said...

so, i'm not vegan but we are organic meat so eat meat less often due to cost. read about tempeh on what is the difference between tempeh and tofu?

Catherine said...

Teddy, how do you do your mustard greens? We tried them once and HATED them . . . Dan said they tasted like aspirin. Is there some sneaky trick I just don't know about??

joanna said...

i'd pick tempeh over seitan ANY day and EVERY day. i think tempeh honestly just tastes better and has a better texture.

Hannah said...

Yum, that dish looks like it's both healthy and delicious!