Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Squash Dumplings

This weekend wasn't ALL just sitting on my booty at a lake. I cooked too!

Squash dumplings sauteed in sage and olive oil.

I know he may not be popular in the vegan/veg world but Alton Brown is my favorite FoodNetwork chef, hands down, no questions asked. Ever. I was watching him do a special on squash this weekend. I knew I had squash in my fridge and thus acorn squash dumplings were born. I admit I don't have a recipe at this time (will be making it again asap to form one) but here's the basic idea.

Roast or steam your squash so you can remove the meat. Mash the squash meat up until smooth-ish and add flour until you have a biscuit- like dough. How much depends on your squash. Mine was small so I used about a cup of flour. Cut your dough in half, then in half again and work with one of the quarters. I just rolled mine out so it looks like a 2 ft rope (I'll take pics to demonstrate next time). Cut the rope into 1 inch pieces and place in boiling water. When they're cooked, they float so it's easy to know when they're done. Put the dumplings in an ice bath when you remove them from the boiling water. I patted them dry with a towel, then sauteed them in olive oil (was out of butter) and sage.

I'm not going to lie, it took a while, but it was worth it.



AaronMSB said...

Perfect squash weather outside. I'll be buying some ingredients tonight. This looks really, really good.

Cara said...

it definitely was worth it. those babies were AMAZING!!

SusanV said...

They sound delicious! I look forward to seeing the post with your recipe and photos.

Catherine said...

Teddy, I LOVE Alton Brown, too! I have three of his books. :) And I went to a book signing a couple of years ago. Did I mention I love him?? ;-)

Your dumplings look deeeeeelicious! Like gnocchi, but made with squash instead of potato!