Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vegan Black Bean Soup

And I forget to download pictures...

Completely unacceptable right?
Well I'll describe last night's meal and then post the picture I took later on tonight :)

Do you ever have left over beans and you're just SICK of plain ole beans? Yea me too. Last night actually. Solution: a hearty BEAN SOUP- yum

I had some black beans with the fixins (onion, spices, some veggies) but just reheating them and adding water would still seem stale and not fresh. I chopped some fresh veg and placed them in a soup pot with just enough water to cover them. No one likes soggy over cooked veggies so I only simmered them for a couple mins before adding in my beans. Just bring the whole mess to a boil again give it a VROOM VROOM in your blender/food processor/whatever.

If you want to add richness (read delish healthy fat), dribble a teaspoon of tahini on top. When you all see the picture I'm sure you'll be very impressed :)

Until then, I hope you all have a fabulous day!


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flower said...

I like making soups I might try bean soup next. I looke forward to seeing the pictures.
Ps youve been tagged