Monday, November 10, 2008

Vegan Brownies

What did I say? I was a baking fiend this past week! I actually made 3 varieties of brownies because I used these small containers.

Peanut butter, Pumpkin, and Double chocolate

The best was peanut butter and that is why it's not pictured. It was gone before I could take out the camera!

More on this weekend: Part of this intensive "path to wellness weekend" was a diagnosis of how to improve your health in general. I'm a pretty healthy gal but there was one suggestion that I KNEW I would hear and really didn't want to listen to....... Bake less :)

You mean everyone doesn't bake 4 times in one week?? haha

The baking process is incredibly relax to me. I need to learn to bake and not eat as much of what I'm making. How lucky my coworkers and friends are...

I'm thinking of trying some flour-less baking this week. Any recipe suggestions?? (I swear I'll only eat ONE... Cara, I'm counting on your help!)


1 comment:

Chef E said...

Ha, I only bake every blue moon...but this vegan brownie looks good! ...although somehow and mysteriously sweets find their way into my shopping bags when I get home...dark chocolate at least :)