Friday, October 10, 2008

Post Sans Picture- Complete Meals Class

I usually prefer to post with a picture because I'm the first to admit that pictures are my favorite part of blogs but I need to mention last night's class and I forgot to bring a camera. :(

No worries, I'm definitely bringing one next week.

Last night was my first official HANDS ON cooking class. It was by far my favorite class so far. I was so inspired by all the cooking, socializing and brainstorming that I went home after school and cooked more (I know I'm a cooking FREAK right?).

In class we prepared about 6-8 recipes and had a complete meal, including dessert. My group was responsible for the fried tofu and onions as well as a pressed salad. My favorite tip of the night was:
Boil your tofu or tempeh for about 20 mins before cooking with it. Doing this makes it easier to digest and for tempeh it really changes the texture. I've never been a big tempeh eater but after trying it boiled and then cooked I liked it.

Overall last night's class felt like cooking with a bunch of friends- lots of socializing and taste-testing :) I can't wait for next weeks class. I think I'll try to sneak to the desserts table (if there is one).


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Veg-a-Nut said...

I have yet to try tempeh. I eat tofu with no problems so why do I shy from tempeh? Who knows. Anyway so you boil your tofu and then marinade if the recipe calls for it? I so wish i lived closer I would come for some taste testing. :o)

Hope you got your can opener.:o)