Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In going along with experiencing Austin I’ve been trying new Austin products and I’ve already discovered a favorite.


Over the summer I went on a little bit of an vegan ice cream making kick (although I didn’t post on here). My trials with vegan ice cream brands have been very hit-or-miss and about 1% of the time I actually love the brand. Thus, my thinking this summer “I could do this and make it better!”
My brilliant idea: use coconut milk for creaminess and natural sweeteners. Well, NadaMoo does this already! They’ve beaten me to it (although I will say my peanut butter chocolate version of ice cream was pretty darn tasty). NadaMoo also one upped this idea by making everything organic. Right now this great vegan treat is pretty much only available here in Austin but if you go to their site (
http://www.nadamoo.com), you can request a store near you to get it. If you can try it, DO! I forgot to take any pictures of the actual ice cream but I'm sure I'll be talking about this again- to show off haha! I decided to try the chocolate version first but I already know that next week I'm trying the coconut flavor.
I'm excited to have this delish company so close by. Hope some of you can give it a taste too!

* note- no one at NadaMoo even knows I’m writing about them so this isn’t a shameless promo for them. I actually love this product ;)


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Oh, neat! Maybe it'll make it's way to the Pacific Northwest one day...

Veg-a-Nut said...

Boy that sounds yummy! Wonder if they will start carring it in my neck of the woods. Going to ck their website. Enjoy!

Rural Vegan said...

Well Nadamoo definitely has the best name of any vegan ice cream I've seen yet!

jen@nadamoo.com said...

Hi there! I work for NadaMoo! here in Austin and happened upon your blog the other day. I am so thrilled you love our product and would really like to use some of the wonderful things you said for the customer feedback section of our website. We’d also like to send you a voucher for a free pint so you can try the coconut on us! Drop me an email at jen@nadamoo.com. And Jess, look for us in the Pacific Northwest in a couple of months! NadaMoo!-Woo Hoo!