Friday, September 19, 2008

Vegan Cranberry Scones

It’s occurred to me that I never posted about desserts and it’s now Friday. Unacceptable.
We must have made a million and 3 desserts that night too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to upload all the pictures. There’s obviously one photo to wet your food porn whistle ;)

Cranberry Scones

It’s what I’m eating for breakfast right now actually. I’ve already started to experiment with the recipes that we were given. However it’s become painfully clear that perhaps baking is not my forte.
Not that what I’ve made hasn’t turned out well. Simply put, I cannot strictly follow a recipe. Even my own recipes are not strictly measured but just eye balled until it “looks right”. Either this makes me a fantastically insightful baker or I just get really lucky haha. I’m 99% I’ve been pretty lucky in the baking arena but I think I have some inherent cooking ability (and where that comes from I’m not sure. Sorry mom, you know you never considered yourself a cook! Haha)

I don’t have much planned for the weekend. There is a vegan meet up on Sunday that I’m hoping to go to, there are a bunch of movies dying to be watched and I’ll be cooking it up as well. Perhaps I’ll make some new “game day” snacks- UT is playing at home Saturday which means the whole city stops and watches. I’ll be watching as well. Sport watching and deliciously terrible food goes hand in hand right??


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