Monday, September 22, 2008

Ab & J Bars

What a fantastic weekend!
Friday night was very low profile, just watching movies and hanging out with. Saturday I was able to go to my first ever longhorns game (and for FREE no less)! After the game we hit the streets in our burnt orange attire. Quite a few people honked upon seeing us or asked up how the game went. With a score of 52 UT -10 Rice there was plenty to celebrate; although I will admit that my favorite 2 parts of the game were 1) the Led Zeppelin half time show 2) finally getting the guy in front of us turn around and have high 5 fest 2008. Perhaps you had to be there to understand how great those were. :)

Oh yea FOOD. I’ll admit I had some game day food and my stomach did NOT appreciate it but when in Rome…

In our last desserts class week we made some almond butter and fruit preserve bars (an delish homage to the pb&j). Upon seeing the recipe I knew I had to give them a go asap. Knowing me, I can’t follow the recipe to the T and I am of the firm belief that everything is made better when it is mini. Thus these muffin-sized AB&J bars are born.

The only notes I have for improvement on these is to reduce the cooking time a little because they came out a little firmer than I wanted, though no one else seemed to mind that. I am my worst critic but in the best way possible. haha

Oh if anyone ever wants recipes feel free to email me!



Anonymous said...

DO you have the recipe for those puppies... they look great!

aTxVegn said...

Do you still have my email address? I would love the recipe for these. I missed the Rice game, but I'll be at the game this Saturday. Chase's band has a gig Sunday night if you need a place to hang out.

Melissa said...

I want the recipe, too! Those look awesome.