Friday, September 12, 2008

Rice Vermicelli Soup

If you’ve flicked through the channels lately you may have noticed that there is a hurricane heading straight for Texas this weekend. Hurricane Ike, if you’d like to give it a name.
Thankfully, Austin is not in the path of hurricane Ike so no need to fret about any of your Austinite friends. However, we will be getting one stormy weekend and tons of evacuees from the more coastal areas of Texas.

How will I be spending this stormy weekend?
Tonight I’m going to see Burn After Reading. Tomorrow I’m going to the Natural Epicurean’s tea party (my school’s first potluck this fall). Sunday I plan to take full advantage of the weather with plenty of blankets, movies and soup.

Below is one of my favorite quick and easy soups (and it's not TOO bad for you)

This soup has a secret. I love rice vermicelli noodles but buying the vermicelli alone is usually a little costly and I end up getting much more than I need. The secret, Thai Kitchen Noodles. They are the thai version of ramen and at only 89 cents a package they’re dirt cheap. I only use the noodles, not the sodium filled “broth” packet that comes with them. Throw in some veggie broth or miso, tofu and fresh veggies and presto, meal done. (note: after the picture I added some shredded nori as well)

Class was great last night as well, very informative this time. I’ll post about that soon ;)


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aTxVegn said...

I've missed a lot of posts, sorry! I'm so glad you are loving your classes and enjoying Austin. I haven't been to Mr. Natural in a while - he closes so early! Today I'm going to Eastside Pies for the first time. 5 of their pizza sauces are vegan - black bean, hummus, tomato, pesto, and spinach curry - and you can order without cheese. I hope it's as good as it looks.