Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whole Grains

This week we started our fundamentals course, the class designed to lay our base knowledge of Macrobiotics. The first class was on different types of grains.

Millet with organic frozen corn.
I think I may make this one this week. Cara bought some millet and we always have frozen organic corn in the house.

Boiled brown rice with pecans.
Funny thing about this recipe is that every year at thanksgiving I make something extremely similar as my main dish. Who knew I was a macrobiotic friendly eater before I ever took a course?

Q&A time (you provide the A. Haha)

I have a couple of new grains I want to try. Can anyone let me know where I can get them or if you've tried/liked them?

Teff (best source of Calcium in a grain)

Any advice/recipes would be great!



Catherine said...

Teddy, kamut, according to wikipedia, appears to be a type of wheat. (I thought it was the same thing as spelt! Wrong!) Have you tried Bob's Red Mill online?

Melissa said...

I've never had trouble finding Amaranth and Kamut in the bulk bins at the grocery store, but I've never even heard of Teff! Where have I been?