Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Last week I mentioned that I wanted to try new cooking grains and I bought some corn grits (aka polenta). Don’t get me wrong I’ve cooked and eaten polenta quite a few times before but that was usually with prepackaged/flavored ready-to-eat polentas, never made from scratch. To add flavor the to the polenta, I boiled it in veggie broth and dried shitake mushrooms. A meal without a little green in it seems wrong to me so I sautéed some onion and zucchini and added it at the end.

The dish turned out appetizing and I think it would be even better with some fresh herbs. Considering a bought a mini tub of corn grits, I’ll have some time to experience. Lentils were filled me up better though; I wasn’t hungry for hours, which is odd for me.

Last night was the LAST of my desserts class. I’m pretty sad that it’s over and I didn’t realize it was the last class until walking to my car. We made healing desserts and the entire room smelled of autumn. I think I’ll make some poached pears this week. I’ve made them before and they are just naturally decadent.


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