Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend salad

Well it happened. I have a job for the next week. YAY temp jobs haha
Not exactly exciting but I'll take what I can get at this point. So today was definitely a MONDAY for me. However, this weekend was a blast. I think I had this salad Friday night for dinner.
Very simple pairing of ingredients:
baby spinach

I should mention that cashews are my least favorite nut and I prefer most salads completely naked- no dressing what-so-ever. I think the avocado substitutes for dressing but if I did dress this salad, it would be a simple vinaigrette.

Saturday night Cara treated me to Dave N Busters. Where I ate:

CARA.... Nope I didn't eat Cara, just a garden burger that I forgot to photo. Doesn't it look like I'm going to take a chunk out of her shoulder though?

We kicked some but at trivia (the BEST game at D&B). D&B does not hold a candle to the amazing DEATHPROOF tour we planned for Sunday- pictures to come next post.

Cara's boyfriend is a big Tarantino fan and DeathProof was filmed here in Austin. We drove around town, tried restaurants from the film and throughly enjoyed a relaxing Sunday.

More to come...


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