Thursday, August 14, 2008

Italian Couscous

Couscous. The food so nice they named it twice! haha

This couscous was made with vegetable stock, some italian flavored frozen veggies and garlic and onions of course. Not all that excited but satisfying and flavorful. I was longing for just a handful of toasted pine nuts to top this dish off but I was out.

I've been trying to work out with Cara and I am not in shape. The heat an humidity doesn't help me much either. Yesterdays work out was amusing though. We did out 3 mile run with myself finishing absolute last and convinced I had just almost died. Once in the moving car I felt better. Cara and Mike had to stop and pick up tickets to a movie they wanted to see so we made a pit stop. I chose to spare the world the discomfort of looking at my red sweaty self by sitting in the car while they got tickets.

By the time the two of them return I'm slightly less disgusting but still in desperate need of a shower and some dinner. Mike turns the key and a soul destroying noise squeaks out. Yep, this noise meant we were walking the rest of the 3 miles home. After a total of 6 miles walked/ran, at almost 10pm at night, I finally got dinner!

It was a marathon evening for us. I expected to not be able to walk today. I'm happy to say I'm perfectly capable of hobbling around and I actually do not hurt. Yet.... haha


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Carrie™ said...

3 miles of running!? Wow! I would surely be dead, so kudos to you!