Friday, August 22, 2008

Masaman Curry

If you've read my blog 2 times you're probably aware that I have a strong affinity for Thai food (to say the very least). Well, Cara told me she doesn't like curry but she's only had Indian curry and she's willing to give some Thai curry a try. This is good for several reasons:

1) Any excuse for Thai curry is a good one

2) I have a chance to open the door on her curry world

3) Any excuse to make a meal for a good friend is always welcome :)

Thus, Thai Masaman curry was prepared, with garbanzo beans instead of tofu because I was out of tofu, and taste tested.


I got a thumbs up!

Thai curries are a go now with Cara.

The week is already up here at my temping job and I'll have to admit that I'm a bit sad. The people here have been kind and welcoming. It looks like you guys will all still have to keep your fingers crossed for me finding a permanent job though. The search is still going strong though.

Happy Friday!


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