Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chick Pea Pita

First things first.
Do you call these beans chick peas or garbanzo beans? I know, same thing right? So why the two names? 'Suppse I could research it, but perhaps one of you know and I won't have to :)

Onto dinner. It's Cara Cooks night again!
Now, I had no idea what to call this. Cara calls it heaven aka her new invention.
Apparently it's chick peas mixed with tomato basil hummus, tahini, cilantro, feta cheese (which I don't like but could not taste so YAY) and cayenne pepper. Don't quote me on that though. There were a lot of ingredients and my memory isn't tip top if you know what I mean.

Warm and schmear the mixture into a pita pocket, top with some greenery (in this case alfalfa sprouts) and chow down.

First bite impression- FLAVOR EXPLOSION! Then it mellowed a little and was very enjoyable. I recommend trying it without the feta for you vegans :)

Ok I am L-A-T-E for work and still in jammies.



Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Yum! I made something similar to this for lunch the other week ... I used hummus, tomatos, cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, and a couple other veggies I can't remember. Anyway, your chick pea pita looks delicious! I definitely need to try your recipe.

Sam said...

I. LOVE. CHICKPEAS. Seriously. And that pita looks amazing!

Catherine said...

I call them chickpeas, because garbanzo beans seems less slick, somehow. Klutzy, akward, too much! Plus, they do look like little chicks!

pinknest said...

i use both names interchangeably!

Anonymous said...

From the looks of what the all-knowing WIKIPEDIA says, the two names seem to be interchangeable! ;D

And aah so THAT's what alfalfa looks like! I remember seeing that word all the time on 'All the Right Type' [cue elementary school touch typing memories!] and thought it was just a fictional word which happens to be really hard to type! Guess you learn something new everyday XD

Fiber said...

This sounds incredible.

Cara said...

I have only used garbanzo beans, but prob because my first time ever trying them was about 2 weeks ago so I never knew they had two names. haha

Bianca said...

Sounds and looks super tasty! I love chickpeas or garbonzos or whatever you call them! :-)

Chef Erik said...

Looks super yummy. I love chickpeas this was. How bout some domas in the pita as well.