Friday, April 25, 2008

Thai Curry

As my friends have pointed out to me oh so many times, curry is not for everyone. Thai curry especially but coconut milk is one of my favorite ingredients.
I love adding it to dessert, breakfasts and curries.

Above is a red curry from Jasmine Thai. I've blogged about this place many a time. They will veganize your orders and have great service- it probably doesn't hurt that I go there so often.

This weekend was spent movie watching and on Sunday Justin Rudd's chalk art contest.

I'm curious- what do you use coconut milk for? Am I the only coconut milk fanatic? :)



Cara said...

I love that coconut dessert at Jasmine Thai. Is that made with coconut milk?

Bianca said...

I love coconut milk. I tend to use it in curries too. I also like to put a drop or two in my coffee in place of soymilk.