Monday, March 31, 2008

Oyster Mushrooms

I made it in time to grab the last of the Oyster Mushrooms

One problem, I've yet to be inspired to use them...

Any suggestions??

What is your favorite mushroom recipe?



Linda said...

i really enjoy mushroom dumplings/ravioli... whichever you prefer. Simply cook, chop/pulse in food processor, place in wonton wrappers and dip in soy sauce or toss in tomato sauce. so much flavor. i adore mushrooms!

Cara said...

Oh man you went without me! hahah. jk. I want to go this week. It has been too long!

Catherine said...

(More specifically, Thai-coconut-lemongrass soup with tofu, oyster mushrooms, and tons of green onions and cilantro??)

Melody Polakow said...

Love your stout cuppers!

I am not really a huge mushroom fan...I have seen oyster shrooms breaded and fried (although that seems like a waste)... I'll bet they would be great in a stir fry or in a pasta dish... with lots of herbs, wine or miso..