Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cupcakes and Stout Party

STOUT and cupcakes party??
Ever since I laid eyes on Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World's recipe for cupcakes that were made with stout, I knew that I should, nay MUST, have a cupcakes and stout party. It's about time eh?! Stouts and dark beers are usually my beverage of choice. I invited Cara and my roommate, Crystal, to assist and they were a large part of the quality control testing of this all female, no-boys-allowed get-together.

Granted there were a fair few number of people who turned their nose up at this idea- beer and cupcakes??- but I assure you, these beer baked brown goodies were much better than even I expected. Photographic evidence of such may be viewed below...

Above is the world's most adorable apron, the finished cupcakes and my tasty stout.

Before baking could begin we sampled a chocolate stout with vanilla ice cream- aka a beer float. My roommate and I discovered this beverage over the summer and both were blown away by the fact that it was actually NOT BAD, good in fact.

With our whistles wet we read and mixed all the ingredients. I won't lie, I added more cocoa powder than the recipe called for but I always do that because I think there is no such thing as too much chocolate flavor.

The cupcakes fresh out of the oven. See?? They look normal right? And no taste of beer.

I made the butter cream frosting and tinted it pink for the girls only theme. A cherry top makes any cupcake irresistible.

Piping frosting is a new part of baking for me. Normally my cupcakes are given a slight schmear of frosting with a butter knife. I need a little practice at it but not completely terrible for my 2nd or 3rd time ever using a piping bag.

Cara is just showing off her quality assurance skills here.

Girls only cupcakes and stout parties need to be the new phenomenon!



Melissa said...

Love the apron!

I'm usually too lazy to get out a piping bag, but the cupcakes look so polished and pretty! Did you use a fairly enormous piping tip?

funwithyourfood said...

I just watched that video you posted! how funny, I missed the moon-walking bear.

I used the biggest piping tip I could find... I figured it would be an easier start


Cara said...

ahha it was definitely a lot of fun!