Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!

I made goodie bags for my coworkers.

Inside are some of these chocolate roses I made. I used to be an expert at candy making. When I was 16 I helped make DOZENS of white chocolate roses for my mom's wedding. My I've gotten a bit rusty. Well, they still taste yummy.

Hope everyone has a great day!



Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to your co-workers! I think your roses turned out great.

pinknest said...

oh it's purdy, and how sweet of you to make valentine's for your coworkers! i love that. hope you had a lovely valentine's.

Mikaela said...

What a *sweet* coworker you are :)

Anonymous said...

very pretty!

Cara said...

I am beyond impressed. Why can't I work with you? :-)

KleoPatra said...

Hi Teddy!!

Nice, Ms. Goodie Bag Maker.

Wish i worked where you are!


Catherine said...

Hey Teddy! It's been WAY too long since I've read any blogs . . . but I'm trying to amend that now! All of your posts look awesome, and I'm SOOOOOO jealous of your vitamix adventure. We sell those at my work, so if I ever decide I want one . . . well, 25% off makes it slightly more reasonable, eh? Also, your PBJ post made me smile! We've all been there. :)