Thursday, August 24, 2006

Veg Family Night

It was my mom's turn to cook but we decided that she would find the recipe and instruct John on how to make it. (she's not a very confident cook- that doesn't mean she isn't good, because she is, she just thinks that she's not the best cook)

The recipe- Zucchini Frittata

It turned out well considering we all thought it was a ruined meal at one point. Mom was even ready to call take out. John also made a side salad with balsamic vinegarette

Dessert was my favorite- Mellon Boats. John makes these when we have company sometimes and it was a nice, guilt free dessert.

Hey guys
Phew it's been a rough couple of weeks. I've been working so much overtime and it's really stretching me thin. Sorry I've been slacking on talking with all of you! Don't worry I haven't forgotten. :)

It's almost the weekend- YAY
let me know when it gets here and if there's anything you can do to speed up the week feel free to do so NOW. haha



Geraldine said...

Food looks great! Take care of yourself Teddy, sounds like you are a bit stressed/worn out.

If you can re-send that code when things settle down a bit, would be appreciated.

Huggs, G

JAM*tacular said...

Oooh! I love the melon boats! What an awesome treat to bring to school for my son's birthday. I usually bring in fruit-kabobs and this will be a neat change :)

Dori said...

The little boat with cherry sails is so happy looking. :) I love family night with teddy.

pinknest said...

for a second i thought it said zucchini fritters. which i LOVE! but i'll take zucchini frittata too.

Vicki said...

the mellon boat looks amazing! i love your veg family night -- what an awesome tradition, teddy. :o)

Anonymous said...

I love how you have the cherries sticking up from the melon. That's too cute. It reminds me of the movie"Mermaids" with Cher and Wynona Rider. Cher always made appetiziers and kabobs at every meal.

Melody said...

I'm glad the meal worked out.. You guys are awesome... doing your family veg nights...

Candi said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been to yours before because I remember family veg night! What a great idea!

I agree with everyone that those fruit boats are the cutest!!

Also, thank you for what you said about my kitty. I miss her, and we certainly didn't take the news well that she had left us. I'm sorry about yours too. You never forget them. If I remember correctly, were you looking to adopt a cat soon? That would be really sweet. I hope you do!

KleoPatra said...

Teddy, great to see you have time for the family for veg night. Making that a priority when you are so busy with life and all of the things it's bringing to you right now, i'm sure it's tough but i love that you make time for your loved ones. You're great! I can understand, empathize and i do feel for you with yer stress. Hang in there, kiddo.

The melon boats are beauties!


I'm working hard on making the week go fast and also on making the weekend take longer. (Even though i'll be workin' all weekend, for your happiness and peace of mind, i'll do whatever i can!)

orangina said...

Those melon boats are cute! I love dessert that smiles back at you :)