Monday, July 17, 2006

Raspberry Facts

Raspberries probably originated in Eastern Asia and they were used as a cure for sore eyes and throats and to cleanse the teeth.

Part of the Rose Family

Raspberries are the most fragile berry

This berry comes in many colors

Black raspberries

The two main colors are Black (aka black cap) and Red

Golden- this is a type of Mutant red raspberry

Purple - a cross between the black and red raspberries

How to choose
Raspberries, unlike strawberries, should not have a core (or hull) in them. If your raspberry has a core, it was picked too early and is likely to be very tart.

Black and Purple Raspberries are available July into August.

Raspberries can be grown from the Arctic to the equator. (source)

Half to one pound of raspberry fruit per day can provide twenty to thirty grams of fiber which is adequate for an adult daily nutrition requirement. (source)



Vicki said...

awesome facts. we went to the berry ranch yesterday (a local farm) and picked up some raspberries. they are amazing.

Tanya Kristine said...

i'm NOT a fruit eater but i love berries...(except straw) but raspberries are my fav....

KleoPatra said...

i adore these beautiful little guys.

Lovely post as always, Teddy! Hope you are having a great week!!

Melody said...

These are my oldest son's favorite fruit ever. He would eat them over chocolate.

I make him shakes out of soymilk, frozen bananas, pineapple and raspberries... but his favorite thing is to eat them fresh.

Anonymous said...

raspberries can grow in the Artic? Wild! Raspberry jam is my fav kind of jam...I love all the seeds.

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

Yummmmmmy, I absolutely LOVE raspberries!!! thanks for sharing, great photos.

Huggs, G

tara said...

Ohh, I love fresh picked raspberries. My grandmother grows them in Michigan, and when we visted when I was a kid, we picked them, then cleaned them, then ate them with cream for breakfast. (Obviously, pre-vegan days).

Great post. Thanks :)

karen said...

I just came home from the market with fresh raspberries... YUM I buy them frozen when they are not in season...

caroline brown said...

great advice on how to buy raspberries, thanks Teddy!

Kiri said...

cool! I am used some of these on my fruit project and I got an A!

BBachael said...

wow i love raspberries!!!!

Great facts guys...keep them coming :D

x x x