Monday, July 17, 2006

Au Lac Restaurant Review

This is a Vegan/Vegetarian/RAW restaurant

As you walk in there a little whistling monkey that greets you .

After you stop admiring the cute stuffed little guy you can watch them prepare your meal and also see the piles for fresh ingredients they use.

I was bad and I forgot to take pictures of the best part, the FOOD. But here is a run down of everything the 3 of us ordered and what we thought.

I wasn't very hungry so I just ordered the Wonton Soup. I've had it before and I enjoyed it just as much as last time. The wontons seemed to be filled with some sort of TVP and my favorite part is the salty broth (it's very flavorful)

Kung Pao "Chicken". Cara is allergic to chicken but loves the flavor of it. Since she's tried so many kinds of them, mock chickens are her speciality. We all agreed that hers was the best choice. Their Kung Pao comes with "meat", zuchini, carrots, bell peppers, and peppers. I like that they use all those veggies.

Schezuan stir fry and Tomato and dill soup. The soup seemed to be a BIG hit. It was filled with tons of dill and fresh tomatoes. The Stir Fry wasn't everything Eva was hoping for though. It has less veggies than she wanted and she was a little envious of Cara's choice.

We all shared a RAW desert of a "Rainbow Pie". I'm not even 100% sure of what was in it. When we asked they said it had 7 different layers of fruit and here's what I could decipher. The bottom layer was a crust using dates (I think) and the top layer was sort of a blueberry mousse. In between was just fruit goodness. I really liked the dessert. Eva thought it was a little too sweet for her and Cara was surprised by how much she enjoyed it too.

Over all, I'd rate the night as a A-. I think Cara would like to go again with me.

After the dinner, we went to see An Inconvenient Truth.

Sorry for forgetting to take pictures guys but I'm sure I'll be back there again soon :)



Catherine said...

Teddy, that restaurant sounds awesome! I really have to check out our local vegan/raw restaurant sometime soon. First, I have to coerce one of my friends into going with me . . . !!
The monkey is just plain awesome, by the way.

Jody from VegChic said...

That restaurant looks/sounds great. We've got one raw place that is well over an hour from my house. I haven't been in awhile, but really enjoy their food.

An Inconvenient Truth was great. I'm glad you went to see it. I'm worried that the movie is preaching to the choir and that we can't/aren't getting enough of the right people to watch it.

Melody said...

The food sounds really good...

I hope you get some sleep too!!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

What a lovely evening!

KleoPatra said...

i'm so gonna find this place and go there!!!

Love the review and the monkey too!

Anonymous said...

Where is the Au Lac restaurant? I'm interested in trying it. Did I tell you I bought the book An Inconvenient Truth? I have another book to finish first, but I'm looking forward to reading it.


karen said...

Sounds like a great restaurant... I think I would love that dessert and the soup, as well as the mock Kung Pao chicken dish. What a treat.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

this restaurant definitely sounds must-visit!! I guess before I go back to india I have to visit all vegan restaurant in and around LA :-D