Monday, June 26, 2006

San Francisco Pictures

Saturday- June 24th, 2006 I was in SAN FRANCISCO!
And here is some of what I did :)

Tetee and I got day passes for the trolley/muni/metro (only 11 bucks and it's $5 for a one way trolly ride) This photo of the trolley makes me laugh because it has Rice a Roni on it

Tetee on the trolley hanging on for his dear little life

We took to trolly to Lombard Street. There's actually a house for sale up there. I pondered it for a moment but realized I am way to (hmm what's the word?? oh yea) POOR for that.

After Lombard Street it was definitely time for some breakfast. We stubbled upon this little cafe.

And BOY was I happy about it. They had a "vegan" section to their menu!

I had a sesame bagel toasted with hummus, portabello mushroom, cucumber, fresh basil AND balsamic vinegar. I could barely finish it I was so stuffed.

The plan for the day was to bike ride to and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Good thing too- because that breakfast was just sitting in my stomach, waiting to be burned off. Renting bikes wasn't too expensive ($23 dollars for the whole day including some special insurance incase we broke the bikes). Tetee got a bunch of great shots of us on the bikes. I haven't gotten them just yet though.

Going across the bridge was FREEZING and very windy (oh and foggy, of course). Here's me, cold and spazzing out at the passing cars.

I swear as soon as you got to the other side of the bridge it got about 30 degrees warmer. Sausalito was be-a-u-tiful. See below for photographic proof.

We got some ice cream here while waiting for the ferry. I saw a Roles Royce while we were waiting (you know they're super rich there!)

There were scenic views of SF on the ferry ride back. As well as some gross Coke (according to Tetee, I'm not big on soda : P)

We returned the bikes and decided that we had earned a reward (a 9 mile bike trip deserves some great food!) I asked Tetee if we could go to the Castro district because 1) It was pride weekend and I figured it would be fun and 2) I knew they had a sushi bar that had a bunch of veggie options (I researched online before leaving).

The streets weren't too busy yet but the crowd at Castro was definitely starting to form.

The sushi place was PACKED. We had to wait for a table it was so busy (and it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon)

It was worth it! Cheap tastey eats. : ) I got this veggie tempura roll

and a Shitake Maki! (they accidentally gave me a unagi roll at first but were quick to say sorry and fix the mix up)

We went back to the hotel and rested a bit/changed clothes. Then it was time for MILLENNIUM


but I've already told you all about that ...

Now I've left out some bits of what went on while I was there but you get the idea that it was a fun weekend for me and my friend. Wish I could do that more often!


Joe said...

Wow - what a great trip report! Looks like a fun time!

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

SanFran is so so beautiful.. the hilly streets.. the amazing downtown.. the lombard street.. I was totally in awe when I was there for 2 days.. on a sidenote I have to eat vegan sushi before I go back home.. somehow!!!!

u seem to have had a blast.. great pics!!

KleoPatra said...

Teddy, you bring back so many fond memories i have of time spent in SF. Thank you for the great photos and accompanying captions. The food! The fun! The bridge! I am a fan of Saulsalito as well... it's incredible all over that area. So good to see you having fun. YAY!

primaryconsumer said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great time in San Francisco. One of my mom's friends used to live there, and she tells us stories from her time living there. Between you and her talking about it, I'm ready to pack up my bags and leave! LOL.

Cara said...

that seemed awesome! I hope you had a lot of fun.

The only part i didnt like was seeing the sushi. me and seaweed, do not work out well.

But I am very excited you had such a good time!

Urban Vegan said...

looks like you had a wonderful time. welcome back!

Broke Vegan said...

How awesome!! Sounds like you had a great time!! That bagel looked delicious!!

Vicki said...

"the san francisco treat!"

whata a great get-away! love your photos & captions ~ looks like loads of fun.

Shananigans said...

Looks like you had such a great time! I still haven’t found any sushi that agrees with me, but I would totally be willing to try that stuff, it sure looks great at least. Someday I will do the bay are thing when I have time for an extended road trip. Say, a few carefully planned weeks of unemployment and I can go explore all those fascinating parts of CA that I’ve been missing out on. Someday.

Melody said...

Looks like you had a great time... oh how I love that city!! It's so cool that you guys rented the bikes..

Tanya Kristine said...

i love san francisco. it's my most favoritest city and it's so close to me! yay!

kevin and i like to go to the city, walk for HOURS! and eat at all the little sweet restaurants.

millenium is pretty pricey i think but you didn' say if you enjoyed yourself? or did you? i'll go re-check

pinknest said...

ooh looks so nice! what fun to bike on the bridge. and that over piled-on bagel looked gooooood.

Vegan Momma said...

It sounds and looks like you had a fabulous time. Welcome back!

tara said...

Wow, what wonderful pictures. I love San Francisco. I've been there twice, and miss living close enough to visit there again! The food and everything looks wonderful.

Jeff in MD said...

Haha - Joe and I did the bikes across the bridge too - and froze our asses off! It was nice when we started, a dn beautiful in Sausalito, but man, that bridge was killer!