Sunday, June 25, 2006


Hii guys!

I JUST got home and I wanted to share my pictures from my dining experience at the Millennium restaurant.

First was the bread. Still warm (of course ) with a garlic, white bean, herb spread. I really enjoyed the spread; I can't get enough garlic!

TeTee (my friend I spent the weekend with), ordered a starter of french fries and a sauce. I was in such a rush to eat them, I didn't look at what menu called it! Ekk sorry. But I can tell you they were GARLIC fries and the sauce was to die for. :)

Now for the main course. I had BBQ tempeh with a brown rice, roasted corn and candied pecan salad with a orange based vinaigrette. There was also a cucumber salad on the side. What made the dish for me was the fresh mint sprinkled on top. Some how that extra step made the dish. Needless to say, I enjoyed it. I think I actually liked the brown rice salad more than the tempeh. It was all great though

TeTee had a stuffed Poblano Pepper. Now Tetee is a self proclaimed carnivore. After eating his meal, and tasting some of mine, he proclaimed "You don't even miss the meat."
What a statement for a Carnivore to make! Really made me happy and made my weekend a lot better than it already was.

I tasted a bite of his dinner and loved how the spices interacted with each other. There was a mango strawberry salad served with the pepper and I wanted to gobble it all down. Too bad it wasn't my dinner (dang it!).

I left the restaurant completely full and content. A great experience and I would really recommend it as a lavish night out. (it was pricey- the bill was about 55 bucks).

Be back with more about the weekend later. I'm sunburt and I need some Aloe!
See you tomorrow



Urban Vegan said...

I am STUFFED from just looking at the pix. Wow.

Carrie™ said...

OK, that brown rice salad sounds divine! I could so get into eating something like that. Candied pecans? Orange vinaigrette? Mint on top? Ooooo Baby! And the bread? And the fries? I'm soooo jealous Teddy. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip. Take care of your skin. Ouch!

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

woww.. great pics.. glad u had fun in SanFran.. very very nice city!!

Though I had pathetic experience with Millenium so am not going there for sure..

Jody from VegChic said...

Welcome back Teddy! It must have been great to meet up with an old friend like that.

I've got a few friends I met while studying in Spain and we only get to meet every few years. Usually they come here or I go to Sweden!

Millenium, I am so jealous! I've only been to Cali once in my life. I did pick up Millenium's cookbook a few years ago. Every recipe I've cooked up is delicious.

Broke Vegan said...

That all sounds so great!!! I would probably have a hundred dollar tab from trying to sample everything!!

Glad you made it back safely. Will be looking forward to the details of your trip.

KleoPatra said...

HI TEDDY!!! Glad to see you back home.... Millennium, woo hoo! But OOOH $55 (plus tip, no?), that IS expensive. But very good looking stuff! YOWZA, the food must be so great. Can hardly wait to give it a try next time i'm up that way... Would love to hear what else you did in SF and hope the sunburn heals quick.

t. said...

I think that vegan restaurant reviews would be the dream job I would love to hold!
Glad you had such a great dinner, even if I am a tad envious!

primaryconsumer said...

Wow, that all is so amazing. I want more pictures! Hopefully I'll get there someday. I have the cookbooks from Millenium, so maybe I'll just have to make something from them.

Melody said...

Looks and sounds delicious.. can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip. San Francisco is such a great city.. I was born there and moved back for a time when I was 18 to sow my wild oats!

Vicki said...

i've heard great things about this restaurant ~ thanks for sharing your experience & photos. it all looks sooo good! :o)

pinknest said...

that all looks really delicious! and those thick fries with garlic sauce!!! ohmygod.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Oh wow, I would love to try all of that..

Shananigans said...

That all looks so good. I love stuffed peppers. I also love it when carnivores can agree that not every dish need include a dead animal to be enjoyable ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the review - I was really looking forward to it. I just ate dinner, yet that post still made my mouth water!!

funwithyourfood said...

Hi guys
Urban Vegan- well turn your eyes away for about 20 mins and come back for more!

Carrie- I'm aloeing up. It helps

McSeitan- what happened?

Jody- Isn't studying abroad GREAT!? and that cook book is next on my list.

Broke Vegan- I was trying to be good and keep the bill lower haha

Kleo- it was WAY expensive but it was my treat for the weekend

T- YUMMIE times 100! haha

Primaryconsumer- make something and post it for our viewing pleasure!

Melody- SF is great. I may move up there in the next 5 years

Vicki- It was great


Jess- you should try it. I bet you'd like it

S- Having Tetee made the experience a lot better :)

Megan-woo hoo another mouth watering! my day is better hehe


Veggies,Yarns&Tails said...

Glad you are back, safe, sound and well-fed!!! Huggs, G

Tanya Kristine said... it is!!!

wou! that sounds fanTABULOUS!

we're so going.

SFGary said...

I don't quite know how I landed in this group of vegan blogs but anyway: The next time you are in SF, try the Shangri La Chinese Veg Restaurant. I believe its mostly vegan and its also, believe it or not, Kosher approved. Some very unusual dishes.