Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ralph Lauren Says NO to Fur

This made me very happy. I even wrote to the customer service people to thank them. Take a looks-ey and this article about Ralph Lauren's new fur policy .

Here is the email I sent:

I want to sincerely show my appreciation and thank you for anouncing that you are no longer using fur in your product lines. I'm sure that I am one of millions that will deeply respect this decision.
Thank you!
Theadora Babcock

And here is the response I got.

Dear Theadora ,

Thank you for expressing your gratitude regarding the banning of fur in Ralph Lauren products. We appreciate the support this decision has generated.

We thank you for taking the time to offer your opinion today and do hope that you will continue to support Ralph Lauren. If we may be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us again at 1-888-475-7674. Thank you for your interest in Polo Ralph Lauren.

Customer Support Representative
Phone 888-475-7674

Thought I'd share the LOVE ; ).

I went to the store last night and guess what I got?


They were a little expensive but I rarely get to eat them. I'm going to do an informational post on them this week. Has anyone had fresh Lychee before?



Jody from VegChic said...

I love lychees...fresh, canned, or just the juice.

Unfortunately, I can rarely find those around here unless I am at an Indian or Asian grocery.

Looks like you had a great time in SF.

pinknest said...

mmm, lychee is so good! especially when it's in a martini. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey - did ralph send you a big coupon with that letter? No, too bad. But very good that they responded to your message. I admire that company a lot more now!

I've had lychees lots! It's too bad you don't live near me. I see them in chinatown ALL the time, VERY cheep!

KleoPatra said...

Good job on the letter to Lauren. I'm so happy they finally woke up to end the cruelty. Nice they wrote ya back as well, Teddy!

Never had a lychee... looking forward to you tellin' us what that fruit's all about - and how you use it!! YUM, i'm sure!

Dori said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend trip, sounds like a fun time! No to fur - right on!

WOW that bagel for breakfast is really something to feast my eyes upon.

Joe said...

I'd love to hear more about them - I've seen them but never tasted one!

Geraldine said...

These look TOO cool!!! My mom talked about eating lychees years ago, apparently a Christmas treat in their home. For us, it was always California Mandarin oranges yummmm..... Look forward to reading more....
Huggs, G :)

tamara said...

i have!

fresh lychees are amazing.. when i was in costa rica they grew wild and my friends and i would pick them off the bushes. lychees are one of my favorite fruits ever :-)

Monsoon Girlie said...

I love lychees! Its fun to peel them and I love the smooth, hard stone inside. Its like finding a treasure wrapped in chewy sweetness. :)

Vicki said...

teddy, the lychees are really pretty. nope, never eaten them before & can't wait to see what you do. of course, there's a recipe at the vegan club w/quinoa. kudos to ralph lauren, & i really hope others will follow their example.

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

I love lychee in shakes, smoothies, etc., but I've never eaten them fresh. I'm eager to see if others have.

Do you just crack it open and eat the flesh of the fruit? I'm so excited - I just saw these at the store recently, but didn't get them. Maybe I'll have to go back.

Props to Ralph Lauren for their decision AND for responding to you!!


Shananigans said...

I got some lychees at the Indian grocery last week and didn’t enjoy them as much as I’d hoped. I suspect that was an individual case and there are better lychees out there. All the skins were mostly still green and I found the pit didn’t separate cleanly like it probably should, which made them difficult to eat. Maybe they were under ripe?

Melody said...

I've never had a fresh lychee... can't wait to read more about them.

Yay for Ralph Lauren.. it's about time!

Broke Vegan said...

Good for Ralph Lauren AND for you!!

I've never heard of lychees. Are they good?