Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Wednesdays are my Family days
So I have no idea what's on the menu. It's usually veggie sushi (one of my FAV'S)
and it'll go along with what I had for lunch (Miso Soup)

MISO SOUP Facts from Wikipedia

  • Miso soup and white rice make up the traditional Japanese breakfast, and so most Japanese people eat miso soup at least once a day.
  • How Miso was invented:
  • "In the days of the shogun, sieges of village keeps frequently dragged on for months or years. This was a technique to starve the samurai and peasants, to force their surrender. In one particularly long siege, someone noticed a horse eating fermented beans out of a barrel. The person thought, if it could sustain a horse, it could certainly do the same for a human. The people survived the siege and miso was born."

  • Most cooks recommend never cooking miso for more than a few minutes, and not above a simmer, to avoid decreasing the nutritional value of miso.
  • There are over 10 kinds of Miso.
The Brand of Miso I ate today was a Trader Joes brand

Yum yum eh?
I added Spicy Nori, brown rice and Tofu.

A great meal. Welp, I got a lot of laundry to do and I need to work out before heading to my parents house tonight. Talk to you all later!!



KleoPatra said...

Nice info on the miso soup. Thanks, Teddy. I'm a fan, to be sure!

Harmonia said...

Miso soup!? I have to eat more Miso! I just tried it for the first time about 6 months ago.

Geraldine said...

I love miso too...adds so much flavor to soups etc....

You mention fried tofu strips on my blog. Im actually experimenting with different ways of cooking tofu right now, I like a crunchy outside, chewy inside and lots of flavor. Any suggestions that you like to use to get it 'just right'? Im thinking maybe a post idea too???

BFN, G :)

Vegan Momma said...

Mmm, I love miso soup. I had some last week.

Harmonia said...

Hi! Hi! Just dropping by again an wanted to let you know that Quinoa post is now up!

Have a great Thursday!

funwithyourfood said...

Hi all!

You guys all rock : )
thanks for stopping by

G- what a great idea for a blog. Sounds like we like our tofu the same way too!

Have a spectacular day!

Cara said...

so you should make me link to you, because guess who got a 5/10 on google page rank. woo hoo!!!