Thursday, May 25, 2006

Work out!

Hi everyone
Only 2 1/2 more hours till I get to go home and start cooking. Why am I so excited? It's Richard's first meal with me now that he's moved in!! : )

I'll be sure to post pics of it

oh and can I just say that quitting working out for one month was a BAD idea. I went running last night and phew my legs have been complaining ALL day. Oh well, I love to run and as they say "no pain, no gain"

Talk more later!


haha I like this one! : ) (source)


Vicki said...

hi! i just happened upon your blog & i'm so happy i did! my month of not working out turned into 3 years! lol! we spent the winter in costa mesa last year, & loved it! the kids & i would frequent the farm @ the orange county fair grounds, head to new port beach, & all sorts of awesome stuff.
what are you cooking for the "first dinner" with your guy?!

KleoPatra said...

Great cartoon, Teddy!


Work it, girl, work it!

Geraldine said...

Good Morning Teddy...Ain't that the truth. A few years ago I was in terrific shape, slim and trim but have let things slide (cold Prairie winters here in Canada do not help) but working on getting back in shape now...Loved the cartoon too! Adding you to my blogroll today. When you get time, could you give me your take on the tofu??? I asked about in the miso comment I left. Cheers, G
PS Mitz says thanks for the cybertreat yummmmmmmmmmm....