Monday, April 13, 2009

Waverley Kitchens

I had an Indian-filled weekend! 1st I went to a bollywood movie party on Friday and then on Saturday/Sunday I dove into one of my Waverley Kitchens spice pacs.

The recipe was for a potato corn curry but I substituted chickpeas instead of the potato (I don't eat potatoes much for some reason and rarely have them at home).

The results:

FANTASTIC- according to those who tried it. Personally, I thought it was a tad bit salty but that's probably because I didn't follow the recipe to the T. The spice packets made the whole process less intimidating (Indian food is just INTIMIDATING to me- all the spice combination and roasting and whatnot).

I'm excited to tear in to my other two pacs. This is definitely a great way to get started with Indian cooking and I'm glad I got to try it out!



Melissa said...

That looks and sounds great! You are making me hungry. I'm ready for dinner.

veggievixen said...

amazing! i love chickpeas. too bad it was a bit salty, but it could probably be replicated with a well-stocked spice cabinet.