Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lentils with Spiced Millet

I made a huge batch of millet/barley this week so I would be able to make meals in a flash.
Millet itself seems pretty bland to me. I've noticed that I get tired of it quickly and end up just making grain burgers with it. It's time I learned how to spice up this grain.

I saw this recipe and decided to work with it.
My version included

pine nuts
1 tablespoon olive oil (optional)
1 cup cooked millet
1/4 cup dried Cranberries
1 cups water
salt to taste

Since this was an improv recipe I didn't measure anything strictly and i don't have much of a "technique" per se (the spices are usually a small palm full each) but this millet was divine. I suggest trying the recipe I found. It looks great, I just didn't have all the ingredients.

The lentils turned out well too, but that's a whole other story right?


1 comment:

veggievixen said...

i love cooking with lentils. makes you feel so healthy.

and i need to start using millet in my cooking more. especially because it is $.99 per pound in bulk. sweet.