Friday, February 20, 2009

We Fuse

All this business is providing me the opportunity to eat out a heck of a lot more than I normally do. Last night I had a 30 minute window to feed myself between work and school. I didn't have time to prepare lunch AND dinner in the morning and I took this as a sign from God that i should probably try a new place to eat near my work.

Enter a twitter world full of suggestions and one simple choice We Fuse.
2 blocks from my work and the menu has a veggie option with miso soup and tea for 10 bucks. Not bad.

The miso soup was extra salty and full of wakame (which I love)

Roasted Tofu- I'm not sure how this was "roasted". It seemed like it was not pressed then just sat in marinade for a while and was steamed to warm it. Not bad but actually roasted would be good.

Veggie dumplings- standard you could by them at your local megalo mart.

Roasted Tomato with goat cheese- the best part of the bento plate but the only non-vegan part of the dish.

Rice- what can I say? It's RICE.

Asparagus- drowned in soy sauce and served cold (like it just came from the fridge)

The service was nice but this is hardly what I expected. Maybe the next time I got into a place for Japanese food and hear Spanish music playing I should walk out haha.
On a scale of 1-100 (1 meaning i vomited afterwards) I give We Fuse a 65. It passes, but just barely. I'll take Koriente over this any day (same price better food). Plus, I am still happy to have tried something new.

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Jodi said...

Agree with you that Koriente is far better. Did you get a piece of fruit dipped in chocolate? That is the best part (besides the roasted tomatoes with goat cheese)