Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Uchi Food Blogger Tasting

What luck I must have. That is me with Tyson Cole. Yea the head chef of Uchi and the Iron Chef amazing extraordinaire. Phew- be still my swiftly beating culinary heart. *sigh*
Move past the sweaty palms to completely freaking out about being in one of the best restaurants in the country- for free. What an impostor I was. Pff food expert? Sure, I like to eat/cook/create general mischief in the kitchen but with the fortunes of the gods I was invited by Addie Broyles (thank you, thank you!) of Relish Austin to join in on an Austin food blogger meet up/food tasting. It goes without saying that every bite of this tasting was bliss and being able to mingle and meet twitter friends like @tastytouring, @Alexandratx and @apronadventures was a treat in and of itself. Sipping on sake and great conversation is always good happenings.
Uchi is a highly praised restaurant for a reason: it has unconventional but delectable Japanese cuisine. Each dish is carefully crafted and the flavors are layered in a way that only a master chef could produce.
With the new location opening in North Austin in the near future, I hope that my N. Austin readers will treat themselves to a tasting of their own.
Anyone have anything to celebrate coming up? I think I need to plan another outing to this place soon.


veggievixen said...

so jealous! i would be totally awestruck too!

Addie said...

So glad to finally meet you! None of these events would be fun without fun people :).

Keep up the blogging! See you soon...