Monday, February 09, 2009

Vegan Nutella

Nope I'm not dead!

I hear some people were concerned about that ;). It's become a busy time of year with school. We're having a bake sale and aphrodisiacs class soon and there's much planning and prep to be done.

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My twitter friends know that I've been semi obsessing about making Vegan Nutella this past week. That's mostly because world Nutella day was last week- Feb 5th 2009! I discovered Nutella while on a graduation trip to Europe when I was 18. How did I go 18 years without knowing about this chocolate hazelnut spread? It was the ideal match for toast and crepes while I was vacationing all those years ago.

Just as I learned it was world Nutella day, I knew it was about time for me to try out a homemade vegan version of this sinfully delicious treat. I used this recipe and while I very much enjoy the result, I must admit that this produces a chocolate hazelnut butter. After sitting the fridge overnight the dessert sets up and becomes more Nutella-like but I have the feeling I can do better. My solution involves more chocolate and less nuts. I've yet to test it out though.

Definitely give the recipe a try but don't expect the exact consistency of Nutella.

Up next, I use this Nutella in some no-bake treats!


flower said...

Seriously? World Nutella day??? Glad your back :)
I had a go at making Cashew Cream the other day but I think I put too much agave in it :(

veggievixen said...

oh my god, i loooove nutella! this is awesome.

veggievixen said...

awesome! i love nutella. you rock.

Slow Food Boston University said...

mmmmm that looks so good!
I'm almost afraid to make it because i used to love nutella so much! oh my gosh! oh and combining it with the polenta cookies was a really good idea!