Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sweet Holiday Gifts

I recently learned how to make truffles in school and as soon as I did I knew they were part of the gifts I was giving out this holiday season. For now I can only the wrapping technique I used (I haven't given them out yet!)

I'll come back and post some actual pictures of the treats soon. I'm still sick. I flew home to southern CA last night and I feel about a million times worse. I guess the travel took a lot out of me. So, short post- a teaser if you will- and I'll be back with pictures of the truffles soon! And don't tell any of my friends what I made! *Shh* They don't know yet :)
PS: I'm at my parents house and their computer is doing funky things. Feel free to let me know if this post looks funny because of it!

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