Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Feast


Hope every one's holidays were fantastic and full of great food. I was still sick on christmas but I managed to get myself up out of bed for the festivities and some cooking.

As promised, food porn aka the truffles I made. There are truffles rolled in peanuts and the others are sprinkled in coconut. The peanut truffles were made with peanut butter and the coconut ones are dark chocolate with a little bit of a coconut twist. If no one else enjoyed them, I certainly did.

I contributed two dishes to hour holiday feast. One from Fat Free Vegan and the other from Gluten Free Goddess. I was just searching around their sites looking for festive dishes and stumbled upon these two. I quickly scribbled down the ingredients and glanced at the methods before heading to whole foods. Unfortunately when I got back I had troubles finding the actual recipes again so I just did it from memory. I hope these photos do the recipes justice!

From Gluten Free Goddess: Roasted acorn squash filled with a granny smith cranberry cornbread dressing.

The dressing came out marvelously and there was plenty left over to eat on it's own.

From Fat Free Vegan: Mushroom Barley Soup with Butter Beans. I had some of this for breakfast today too. We purposely made enough for leftovers and I almost think I should have brought more for my family to eat. It was the first thing to run out at the table and people were going back for seconds!

My family does christmas crackers every year thanks to the influence of my english step father :). This tug was a draw because all the goodies fell on the floor. Don't you love Mom's hat? I was wearing one earlier. You can tell by the "sexy yet messy" look I've got going on with my hair.

Now that I've finally got the internet working at my parents house I can catch up on blogs. Be seeing you soon!



bakedbambi said...

Wow, looks like a healthy, delicous feast! Nice.

The Traveling Vegetarian said...

Yummy! Coconut and chocolate are a match made in heaven...

Anonymous said...

I was actually just going to make some truffles for my Grandma and Uncle tomorrow and love your idea of making the peanut ones with peanut butter. Delicious! I'm going to incorporate your idea for sure. What a wonderful coincidence.