Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Java Noodles

A friend of mine has been insisting that I try this Java Noodles place for far too long. Last night he came to my house and dragged me down the street to have dinner.

Spicy red curry coconut and tofu soup. WARNING this is SPICY but I like that.
I wanted tempeh but they were out. I've noticed that most non-veg places do not know how to cook with tofu. It seems that most of them buy the pre-fried stuff which is not as good because it doesn't soak up any of the dishes flavors. Have you noticed tofu= not so tasty unless you know what to do with it?

Java Noodles house special.
I would have preferred brown rice other than that, this was pretty good. The veggies were still crisp. I hate soggy over cooked veggies. It had a similar, less spicy, red curry sauce as the soup.

Price- Reasonable: $8-10

Would I go back? Yep. I want to try their tempeh and find my fav item on the menu b/c it's only a mile from my house. :)


Christina said...

Regular nasi goreng with tempeh, no egg. Best dish, hands down. JD always tries to steal all of my tempeh. I think he even orders it when I'm not with him.

Their tempeh is fantastic, they even make it in house.

I enjoy their pad thai with tofu no egg, but I've heard others complain that it's not authentic enough. They have some other dishes that are nice, but the two I mentioned are what I crave when I think of Java Noodles.

As for the tofu, I think you're wrong about everyone using packaged tofu. It's just deep fried tofu, which is pretty easy to do at home. I wouldn't be surprised if some places took a shortcut on it, though. I actually prefer this kind of tofu to the plain, soft and gelatinous tofu that many places serve. It doesn't soak up flavor, but sauces coat it well. Maybe it's a regional thing?

Hannah said...

That coconut curry and tofu soup looks killer! Nice and warm, on many levels. :)