Monday, November 24, 2008

A Vegan Thanksgiving

This weekend was the annual vegan thanksgiving brunch at the Natural Epicurean. Now there was a LOT of food (enough for 3 posts). Once again, I will focus on my favorites, which I just realized are all the sweets. Is anyone surprised by that?? haha
ABC news stopped by this year. Cameras seemed to be going off everywhere and several people were interviewed. I haven't found the article from ABC yet so if anyone sees it, let me know!

The menu included:
Tempeh stuffing, wild rice pilaf, millet mash and wild mushroom gravy, fresh sauteed greens, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. Warm kukicha apple cider and organic sparkling apple cider were served as well.

Look at me all chef-like, I LOVE it. Scott and I were the "live" chefs. We sauteed fresh picked greens as people came by and offered a rich tahini lemon sauce to top them off.

Each item had a sweet potato card label holder. What a brilliant and adorable idea. I wish I could claim it was mine but I DID cut those sweet potatoes haha

Our greens with radish flowers on top.

Maple pecan sweet potato casserole was my absolute favorite dish of the meal. It's so sweet that it's a dessert and that's perfectly ok with me!

2nd favorite item is the gluten free pumpkin pies. I stayed up past midnight finishing some of these 7 pies at my house the night before. I gave myself a nasty burn by accidentally hitting the hot oven. I'm quite impressed that I've been cooking for about 5 months now and only burned myself once. There was a lot of love and time put into them. Plus they're topped off with cashew cream :)

Plated pumpkin pie

Cranberry sauce: a requirement at a thanksgiving feast.

If you're ever in Austin around thanksgiving time come to our feast. I think I've provided sufficient proof that it's well worth the cost! Plus if you want to learn how to make any of these we provide a "how-to" session before we feast.



SusanV said...

It all looks delicious (and you look suitably chef-like!) I often think about going to Austin around Thanksgiving (my sister lives there), and if I ever do, I now know where I want to eat. Yum!

flower said...

Thanks for the comment my email is it is 3 es its not a mistake