Friday, November 21, 2008

Pumpkin Oats

This weekend I am cooking at the Natural Epicureans annual vegan thanksgiving brunch. Look at the insanity of my schedule for the last few days:

Thursday: 730-1030 find a wheel and tire
11-6pm work
6pm-8:30pm school
8am-530pm work (getting a tire installed at some point today as well)
6pm-10pm prepare for tomorrows feast- including baking 6 pies.. AH
630am -3pm Thanksgiving brunch event
10:00PM perhaps back to the future at the draft house

Insane right? I thought so. A great breakfast was needed to start this busy 2 days.

Pumpkin Oats with new and improved cashew cream. What made this batch of cream better? I soaked it for 2 days and added some cinnamon.

Work time for Teddy. Signing off and urging you, once again, MAKE SOME CASHEW CREAM :)



Rural Vegan said...

If you keep drilling it home, I'm eventually going to make that cashew cream!

flower said...

How do you make cashew cream?? I have some cashews already, what else do I need???

Carrie™ said...

You seem to have had an insane schedule for a while. I don't know how you do it all. The food you've been posting has looked amazing!

flower said...

How do you make cashew cream??
Ive given you an award come and see.