Monday, November 17, 2008


I must admit I've been having quite a few more kitchen disasters than normal. That is hat happens when you try new things I suppose. Out of disaster comes opportunity right? Opportunity to try new restaurants!

Koriente is a hidden little tea house in the middle of downtown Austin. Their lunch prices are extremely reasonable ($6.50-$8). You can take a look at their menu on their website.

Lunch comes with a soup or salad.

I choose the Japchei: sweet potato noodles and an assortment of veggies. The noodles were fantastic but I would definitely throw in the extra couple of bucks to get tofu next time. The meal was very refreshing and would be great on a warm summers day. Fortunately for me, it was about 78 degrees outside (in November?!) but as it's getting colder I'll probably go for a more hearty meal next time.

My friend Dustin decided on Koriente Curry. I'll have to admit I was eyeing his food and already know I want to try that curry. Perhaps this will be my "fall back" place to eat for lunch downtown. The atmosphere is fantastic. Koriente is literally a hole in the wall with fantastic Asian decor. They even have a small pomegranate tree in front. We got there before the lunch rush (around noon) and by 1230 the place was packed so try to get there early or you'll be in a line of Japanese businessmen and locals that is out the door.

I wonder, how do those Japanese businessmen know about this place? I've been here 4 months and am just finding it. Anywho, I loved it, the pictures speak for themselves regarding the food. Give it a try sometime.


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