Sunday, November 09, 2008

School day

Hi Folks!

I want to let you know I'm alive and kicking... Unfortunately I'll be in class today from 9am to 7pm. That doesn't leave much time for cooking huh? Oh I'm sure I'll be cooking up something tonight. It's hard to go a few days without cooking a meal. I find it relaxing to cook, so I'll squeeze in some "relax time" tonight I'm sure.
Wish me luck in my studies and I'll see you with food in hands tomorrow :)



flower said...

Luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just found your blog and everything looks super delicious! Good luck with school!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a vegan, so I always use vegan things. I live in brazil( at least for 6 more months) so unfortunately they won't sell these things in the US, haha.
I drink Batavo Light Soymilk
with Nestle Flakes - with sugar. nestle is making all their cereals with 26% whole wheat, which is pretty good for a kid's cereal, haha
Another kind of cereal that I eat on regular basis are what I usually refer to as " chocolate kibbles" They are chocolate round balls with alot alot of protein in them:]