Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sauteed Sweet Potato

This can be a simple side dish or can be added to your grains/one pot meal for extra pazzaz.

I used 1 sweet potato chopped in thin chunks, an onion, a whole mess of spices and topped it off with some fresh parsley (cilantro would work well too but I was out).

Suggested spices to use: Coriander, Paprika, Cumin and a tiny tiny pinch of cinnamon (b/c it can so easily over power everything)

Combine everything and sauté this mix in some oil on med to high heat for about 10 mins (if you leave the lid on it helps hold in moisture as well). This is another one of those dishes that sounds fancier than it is. I also get the hunch that using curry powder as your spice would create an appropriate and delish flavoring.

Still on my voting kick... hope you're as excited for election day as I am. I think I'll start planning my election meal tonight!



Cara said...

wow that looks amazing.

flower said...

I love love LOVE sweet potato I would have it with everything if I could