Friday, November 14, 2008

Collard Pressed Salad

Does this remind anyone else of Married with Children? It's a park that I go sit at for lunch sometimes. That cracks me up.

After all of last weeks baking I have been in need of light, quick, raw foods. Hence, pressed salad with lunch ( I think I had more sushi this day too).

This salad included organic collards, carrots, daikon and cucumber. It was very cool, refreshing- the exact opposite of those rich baked foods. The change was nice but next time I'll add a tahini dressing (I'm addicted to that stuff).

Great news everyone: NO CLASS THIS WEEKEND!

I am going to relax, hang out with friends and work on my crepes/brunch foods/and one batch of cookies probably. I've already made some vanilla cashew cream that's to die for.

See you soon


1 comment:

Cara said...

the fountain also reminds me of step by step. haha