Monday, November 03, 2008

Apple Kuzu

It's been a rocky road between me and kuzu. I very much love the consistency it provides and its healing qualities but I've been convinced that it hates me...

Every attempt I at making it at home has failed for me... until last week! I present to you my successful warm apple cinnamon kuzu dessert.


1 apple

2 cups liquid (water or juice or a mix of both)

Cinnamon to taste (about a teaspoon)

2 teaspoons Kuzu

Add some raisins or cranberries if you'd like.

Slice the apple into half moons or chunks and simmer in the liquid for at least 20 mins adding the cinnamon and dried fruit in about halfway through. Turn off the heat. Make a slurry of cold water and your kuzu (make sure the kuzu is dissolved in your water). Then add the slurry to the warm (NOT BOILING) liquid being sure to stir constantly to avoid clumps. The liquid will turn cloudy but then clear up in about 3-5 mins and thicken.

Now enjoy while still warm and feel the comfort. YUM- this is my new comfort dessert.

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Urban Vegan said...

Looks lovely and so utterly seasonal.