Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vegan One Pot Meal

Last week we had a "one pot" meal making class. I show up to class and there are grains, veggies, spices everywhere. Instead of sticking to a recipe our instructor simply said "here's what you have to work with- experiment with something you've never tried before"
It was a virtual free for all and I have to admit I felt a little like Iron Chef. Boy was it overwhelming for a second; mostly because it's not your kitchen and you have 9 other people cooking and moving things and trying to get THEIR ingredients.

We all made it through with some great dishes. That night I particularly exhausted and I just knew that I did not want a strong, heavily spiced dish. I needed something relaxing yet filling.

I made a brown rice with leeks, miriam wine, marjoram and so forth. My new ingredient was freeze dried tofu. All I could think when I was taste testing it was "man this is a SPONGE", but not in a good way at all.

Have you ever used freeze dried tofu before? What did you do with it?


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